How Much You Should Tip For Every Service?

December 13, 2017 Tips 0

When you’re already on a budget during your trip, or already breaking your bank for prom or wedding expenses, making room in your budget for gratuities on top of that can be difficult to handle. What’s more, though gratuities are already written on your contract, tipping – although not required – is always appreciated for an excellent and helpful service, not to mention a kind gesture. So, don’t forget to factor tips when hiring a chauffeur service.

Since some chauffeur will expect tips, and there are times when tipping will need to be considered on a case-to-case basis, there are few things you have to consider.

Airport Services
If you want to skip the lines of hailing a cab or booking an Uber only to wait for a minute to almost half-an-hour to arrive, a chauffeur service is ideal. Once you came from the airport, your chauffeur will be ready to whisk you away to your hotel, without any hassle to wait. The chauffeur will be there waiting at the arrival gate to welcome you. If he assists with your luggage, and if it’s very heavy, greater generosity is needed. Some tend to give £2-5 in addition to the traditional tip while others recommend giving 10-20%, considering the service provided.

While most do not expect to be tipped, and though there may be gratuities already written on your contract, it’s not so bad to hand in cash to show your token of gratitude.

Wedding Car Rental
When it comes to weddings, there are so many expenses to think about, and gratuities can add up, and it can be easy to lose track of what can happen. Gratuity is usually included in the contract when you hire a wedding chauffeur. If it’s not covered, you can check with the company and confirm before signing the contract. Otherwise, if it’s not written in the deal, you can plan to tip provided that the chauffeur showed up on time, an expert in navigation, and it was a comfortable ride. Wedding chauffeurs may expect to be tipped. The tip price is usually 15-20% of the total bill.

Corporate Event
Think about it, when you have multiple meetings to attend to, hailing a taxi with a meter ticking every time you go from one location to another, you only cost yourself more and more. If you even try to get a ride from a booking app, you’ll be battling with others during peak times, and there may be price surges. Having a chauffeur service during this time is highly convenient. If you’re going to give a tip, consider the factors that make it an excellent service – besides saving you from the hassles of commuting. This can range from 10-20% of the service, depending on the quality of service he provided.

Sporting Event
During sporting events, always expect traffic congestion. You don’t want to miss your favourite team’s incredible play, right? Having a chauffeur service during this times can be a big help to avoid traffic troubles, taxi hassles, and skip the frustration of finding a parking spot. And if ever you get caught to some traffic jams, wouldn’t it be better to have your friends with you?

When tipping a limousine driver, the baseline standard tipping rate is 10 and 20% of the total fare that you are going to pay. Gauge the service of your driver, if the driver is courteous, great in directions and made sure to arrive you to the location safely, then an appropriate additional tip on top of what the contract states is needed considering that you’re also probably loud inside the car out of the excitement of watching your favorite sports. You can merely collect £5 each from your friends and give it before the trip starts – you can expect a higher service.

Special Occasion

Anniversary? Birthday? Attending a wedding? Whatever the occasion is, a luxurious ride is necessary if it’s special. If it’s your anniversary and you’re going on a vacation, it’s not a bad idea to give a tip of £2-5 per bag of heavy luggage carried to your destination, other than that, you can still base your tip on the standard tipping rate of 10 to 20% of the total fare cost during your special occasion if gratuity is not included in the contract.

Prom Service
Unlike a limo that is merely driving you to the airport, tipping a prom service is slightly different. Imagine driving a bunch of excited prom goers; there may be special requests of stopovers to grab some food (knowing millennials), it can get pretty rowdy. While there’s the tip rate of 15-20% built in, an additional tip for the extra services provided is essential. Collect £5 from everyone in the limo before the service starts, you may get a better service as the chauffeur may feel you have been very generous.

Chauffeur services are sometimes under contract. This means that the tip has technically been paid already since it has already been included in the agreement and another tip is not necessary. However, tips are an essential part of a chauffeur’s salary. Tipping is not only a gratitude – it’s also a necessity. When a chauffeur has provided an excellent service, it’s only natural to give an extra tip. Just as with other services, your tip should be based on the quality of service provided and at the discretion of the customer. You can use the baseline of about 15% of the total expenses as the tip and offer the tip through cash or as an addition to your credit card payment.

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